• To provide young people with quality seamanship training for development of their abilities and potential.
  • To help young people develop skills in group dynamics necessary for operation of a ship which are applicable to other situations in life.
  • To educate young people and develop their skills, which will increase self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • To provide support for youth interested in pursuing careers in the Merchant Marine, Coast Guard and/or the U.S. Navy.


Our organization's purpose is not to train young people for a military career, or even for a career at sea (nevertheless some MANATRA participants have gone on to sea careers)

Our true goal is to teach skills, leadership, self-reliance, and responsibility, and to expose young people to new experiences.

Many young people coming aboard, including some of the NROTC candidates have never been aboard a vessel of any size, and certainly not a vessel designed to look and operate like a Navy ship.